Monthly Archives: November 2014

For the last month or so I have been working on an exciting project alongside my university’s Students Union involving the transformation of an old bank space into a fully functioning vintage shop. The aim is to ultimately raise money for the charity Women for Women International, although the store has become a whole lot more than your average charity shop. 
It was up to the small team of us working on the project to develop the branding, decorate and transform the shop, collect stock, promote the project and ultimately run the shop. The decoration of the bare space was the initial challenge although it was the perfect opportunity to express our creativity and make the shop into a place we were proud to work in and promote. The project has received media attention from both a local radio station (Fuse FM) and newspaper (The Mancunion) and we have relied on local donations for clothes racks, tables, chairs and decorations for in store. 
The shop is unique in that it isn’t solely a place for selling old clothes. We have also been running workshops from inside the store, involving the up-cycling of clothes that have been donated. The project has been fortunate enough to collaborate with local brands such as JUNK and AltGen to aid our up-cycling skills and in the future there are plans to run further workshops alongside entertainment events such as live music.
Within the first two weeks of being open, the shop has already exceeded my expectations and I am excited to see what the project can achieve over the upcoming weeks.