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There’s something about sportswear that I’ve always loved. On many previous occasions, when given the opportunity to choose a theme for various projects, I’ve always been drawn to sportswear and manage to squeeze it in somewhere. Just when it seemed that sportswear wouldn’t stay on-trend for yet another season, multiple brands decided to announce 2015 as the year that they would launch their new workout wear ranges (Beyoncé x Topshop and Tory Burch as just a couple of examples).

The new Adidas and Stella McCartney collection has been labelled as ‘athleisure’ and looking at the pieces reminds me of how I wish I looked when I was exercising. Many of my favourite items were outerwear, namely sweatshirts and hoodies, although the girly floral tops and shorts also caught my attention. I feel like owning this kind of workout wardrobe would be motivation enough in itself to get me exercising, well…we’ll see.


I’ve got a couple of days left at home in London as part of my holiday/ study leave before I head back up north for the start of my second semester at uni. Over the last week, since Christmas and New Year have finished and all my family have gone back to work, I’ve been enjoying spending time relaxing at home whilst trying to revise and fit in a bit of exercise and healthy eating before I get back into the student lifestyle. 
Breakfast: Porridge with blueberries and mixed seeds
Delivery from MANGO
Mid morning run
The revision set-up
Relaxation before bed

For my first makeup related post, I thought I would compile a round up of my favourite and most used beauty items from 2014…


What better way to start the new year than taking at a look back at a selection of the blogs I read the most throughout 2014. Today I’m putting a spotlight on fashion blogs although there are many beauty, food and lifestyle blogs, which I also find myself reading religiously. I use bloglovin to ensure I never miss a post from my favourites, however I”m always discovering new blogs, often after a google search for a specific product or when reading through comments on other people’s blogs. Here are my four current, most-read fashion blogs…


I owe my discovery of the blogging world to Sammi from Beautycrush as it was her blog I stumbled across first, many years ago. As a fashion graduate who lives in an area of London very close to me, I enjoy being able to relate to certain places, people and experiences she mentions. I still religiously check Sammi’s blog and YouTube channel for updates as she always has unique ideas for posts and videos as well as inspiring lookbooks and styling tips. More recently, it has been her food posts that I have been most excited to read, partially because of the amazing photography but also because of her inspiringly, healthy meals and recipes. 
5inchandup is my ultimate photography inspiration with pictures that always look fresh from the pages of Vogue. Originally from Finland, Sandra features perfectly styled, high-end outfits that always leave me lusting over pretty much everything she wears. The locations of her photo shoots are always adventurous and unique, much like the clothing she chooses to wear. 
The Little Magpie is a recent discovery of mine, however it is now one of my most frequently visited blogs. The eclectic nature of Amy’s style means that every post has something very different and as a result of her styling, you never know whether you are looking at high-street or designer items. Amy always narrates her inspiring, outfit posts with witty comments as well as providing insider information on the best discounts and deals. 
Llymlrs is one of the most relatable blogs that I enjoy reading. Lily always manages to find gems on the highstreet and style them up in looks that I can take direct inspiration from. I feel as though I started following Lily from the beginning and I have been watching in admiration has her blog has grown massively (alongside her YouTube channel and seperate beauty blog). I’m often curious to find out Lily’s opinions on various topics- fashion, beauty or pop culture related, as she always speaks her mind and doesn’t follow the crowd.