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As they do every year, TK Maxx have collaborated with another set of amazing designers to bring out an affordable range of t-shirts for Red Nose Day 2015. The designers participating this year are Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Von Furtsenburg, Anya Hindmarch, Henry Holland and Matthew Williamson. The selection of t-shirts are eclectic and fun but each designer has managed to put their own, recognisable touch on their design.
I opted for Matthew Williamson’s offering as I couldn’t resist the opportunity to own a t-shirt with a Williamson print, although Anya Hindmarch’s slightly more daring design was also very appealing. What’s best is that the money raised from these t-shirts goes on to support  vulnerable people living in Africa and the UK as part of the Red Nose Day campaign. As a fashion student, I am continually taught about the importance of ethical sourcing and sustainable manufacturing therefore it is very important that these t-shirts are produced from 100% sustainably-sourced Ugandan cotton.
It can be hard as a student to find the time or money to support charities but buying something as simple as one of these t-shirts, which make great pyjamas or gym clothes, allows you to feel like you have done your bit.

I find it easy to get lost on the internet exploring social media sites, endlessly scrolling through online shops or researching irrelevant people and places. Occasionally, I do stumble across an interesting article or story that makes me feel less like I’ve been wasting my time and not so guilty for the extended procrastination. The things that I deem ‘worth a read’ I often tweet about or send to my friends/ family, as some things are just too good to miss. Below are the links to some of my favourite, recent fashion-related finds…
This article looks at every gown worn by the best actress winners at the Oscars since 1929. I love seeing the glamour of actresses in the 60s who turned up with long gloves and fur shawls, although I think my favourite was Audrey Hepburn’s, white lace Givenchy dress worn in 1954. Keep scrolling for the info graphic at the end, which perfectly illustrates all of the dresses in chronological order for comparison of trends and silhouettes over the last few decades.
Following Kanye’s interesting (to say the least) fashion week debut, posted this rather lengthy yet very insightful interview with Mr West himself. My favourite quote was Kanye on his inspiration; ‘I had a heartfelt discussion with my Tumblr’. 
A link to this Cosmo article popped up multiple times on my Twitter feed before I caved and started reading. It pretty much laughs in the face of fashion week, but for someone who has never attended and can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors, I enjoyed the outrageous nature of these allegedly overheads at New York Fashion Week. 
I found this article pretty educational as it answered some questions that I hadn’t realised I had never thought to ask myself. The page also reminded me of one of my favourite fashion quotes of all time; ‘Ain’t Laurent Without Yves’ (take a look at the article for context). 

Clockwise from left: 

Grey is and probably always will be my favourite colour to wear. Look through my wardrobe and you would instantly realise my love for the colour (grey jersey in particular). I find it to be the easiest colour to style, especially when the next most common colour in your collection is black, as they always seem to work together. 
Just in time for the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey film in the cinema (lol), I have noticed retailers ensuring they have a well stocked selection of grey items. Grey was a key colour for AW 14/15 especially as apart of the ‘normcore’ trend, however it has been revamped for spring with an array of skirts, dresses and crop tops, keeping us grey-lovers happy.  
From the items above that I have picked out from a selection of my favourite stores, the stand out pieces are a Zara mini skirt (which comes in a huge selection of colour by the way) and the gorgeous, preppy Topshop pinafore, which would look great with the knee high socks. Pairing together multiple shades of grey in one outfit may be a challenge but if double denim is acceptable these days then why not try out a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ look?


Image Source

If you are anything like me, as soon as you sit down with the sole aim of being creative for example to start a piece of work or write a blog post, you can almost guarantee that all your inspired ideas and creativity will just vanish; probably because being told to be creative simply doesn’t work! During a recent lecture I was reminded, amongst plenty of other design clichés, that developing a creative piece of work requires dedication to time.

Sometimes you have no option but to be creative NOW and when that happens, which it will if you want to keep up with your uni deadlines, you need to know where to find quality inspiration. I think that good sources of inspiration are the ones that are found in personal places or in places that are continually changing. The sources I look to for inspiration are fairly cliché again, however the ability to customise them such as by following specific feeds or searching for certain words, makes them unique and more likely to fuel personal creativity.

I have had a tumblr account since I was 14. If you were to look back at my first few posts (which I often do, just for the hilarity) you would most likely judge me as a moody teenager with a slight obsession for designer labels. Nowadays, I love using tumblr to discover truly inspiring photography whether that be of buildings, people, places or fashion. Some of my favourite things I have ever seen on the internet were discovered on tumblr…it is literally like Narnia.

Pinterest is another great place to view amazing photography. Although I am pretty late in joining the site, I have been slightly addicted to it recently and I find it to be a great place for home decor, graphic design and craft/ DIY inspiration. 

Getting out
Although it may seem obvious, getting out and leaving the place you have dedicated to being your workspace may be the only way to get new ideas. Whether you visit an obviously creative place such as a museum or just wander around to give yourself time to think, you never know what will be the new source of your inspiration. My suggestion would be to note things down and collect random bits and pieces as you go because you might not fully realise an idea until you look at it again later. Going outside and exploring is a form of inspiration that is guaranteed to change and you are likely to never see the same things twice (another reason why you should write it down as you go!).


The items that have made it to my wish list for February include a Cheap Monday sweatshirt with sheer sleeves that I spotted on ASOS the other week, some gorgeous heels from Topshop that definitely deserve a place in my wardrobe and the new Diptyque Rosafolia candle, which I find hard to believe is worth £44 (and why it will most likely remain on my wish list).