Monthly Archives: March 2015

I promised myself that if I could make it to the end of term on my student loan then any money left over would go straight on a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths (spoiler: I made it). I have been eyeing up a pair of these for rather a long time as trainers are just so useful for everyday wear and obviously they are very comfy. Last year I wore my white converse a lot (like a lot) and that’s why I knew the Stan Smiths would be perfect for me as I can style them in pretty much the same way. They go with jeans, jumpers and bare legs so are ideal for the spring/ summer transition.

Below are some images I collected on Pinterest and Tumblr for Stan Smith style inspiration.
Disclaimer: These pictures are not my own

Whilst wondering around Covent Garden in search of somewhere to get a drink and rest my legs after a day of exploring around the city, the flashing lights in the doorway of Galleria Melissa caught my attention. Although I was at the time unaware of what was inside, I immediately recognised Gareth Pugh’s iconic, cage-like ‘modern armour’ dress standing proudly in the entrance and much to my delight I was informed that not only was I able to go in and view the dress but that the exhibition continued inside. 
Pugh is known for his innovative use of materials and the small yet powerful collection of garments inside the gallery reflected this. There was PVC, leather, perspex and cashmere to name a few, all of which were cleverly crafted in to what can only be described as sculpture-like pieces. Being fairly familiar with Pugh’s work following research for a previous college project, I was able to recognise some of the designs and appreciated the opportunity to view them in person having only previously seen pictures. 
I am so glad to have stumbled across this exhibition as I feel it is extremely well designed with themed lighting, music and backdrops to accompany Pugh’s iconic collection. Every outfit on display has been styled with Melissa shoes that perfectly compliment the futuristic and monochromatic theme of Pugh’s designs. Even for someone with little knowledge of the Melissa brand the exhibition is undeniably inspiring and definitely worth a visit, especially as the store is so easy (and free!) to access, with many other inspiring sights in the surrounding area.