Monthly Archives: June 2015

My Swedish heritage has always been a big part of my life as there are many important family traditions that we credit to our Swedish relatives. Aside from Christmas, midsummer has more recently become one of the main occasions on which we celebrate in a Swedish style. Midsummer (or midsömmer) occurs annually on the longest day of the year and although not celebrated so much in England, it is traditionally a big holiday in Sweden. There are many traditions surrounding the occasion although the main ones my family have selected to adopt are those involving good food and drink. With my house being host to our midsummer party this year, I was able to help out with some of the food and drink preparations. Although the weather was not so great, we were still able to be outside for most of the afternoon and even ended the evening sat around our camp fire (ish). Despite our lack of a may pole, we managed to fit in many Swedish references throughout the day including flower garlands, a few rounds of schnapps and some traditional Scandinavian foods. 
Some photos from the day…
Our slightly subtler version of the flower garlands traditionally worn by the girls in Sweden for midsummer  
Bunting and lanterns to decorate the garden
Table decorations and candle lanterns
Starter option 1: red pepper and feta bruschetta
Starter option 2: Prawn open sandwich (with a side of Swedish schnapps) 
Homemade chocolate and vanilla cheesecake for dessert
Log burner 

I may have been slightly absent on the blog front over the last few weeks although I think that being busy completing my first year of university is a good enough reason. The last month has been filled with coursework deadlines, revision and celebrations in equal measure and I can’t decide if I’m glad it’s over. I am definitely surprised at how quickly the whole year has gone and slightly sad to think that I no longer have the ‘I’m a fresher’ excuse. I am however, just as excited for my summer ahead and the prospect of returning to uni in September to do it all again. The piece of advice I heard over and over again as a fresher was to enjoy first year while it lasts, so for my last few weeks in Manchester I wanted to make sure I did just that.
Some of my end of year highlights include my birthday spent with the friends I could lure away from revision with cake and wine, a street party hosted by my halls, Manchester’s student festival Pangaea and Park Life festival. 
Sophie and I in our homemade Disco Apocalypse costumes for Pangaea. Fortunately we could both remember the night clearly after this photo (ahem.)
Relaxing at Parklife. We quickly learnt our lesson to wear more clothes after the first day of shorts and t shirts left us feeling cold allllll day and night. 
Lucy and I enjoying the rare Manchester sun
The last few weeks I spent in Manchester were some of my favourites although it really just topped off a great year. Here’s to spending the next few weeks recovering and catching up on a lot of sleep!