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Back again! I feel like I somehow managed to cram more into the last two weeks of my summer holidays than I did for the whole 3 months I was off. After securing an internship with a PR company to work over London Fashion Week, I was working right up until the hour before I boarded the train and headed back to Manchester for the start of year two at university. Having being in my new student house for exactly a week now, I feel slightly more settled in and able to stop and catch up on what has been happening. 
Fashion Week is notoriously crazy and stressful for the most frequent of attendees, let alone for someone trying to work backstage after never having experienced the chaos before! My Fashion Week experience did begin in an office, where I was able to watch some of the drama unfold for two weeks prior to the event. The people I was working with gave me so many opportunities that I knew were a privilege for a short-term intern and topping the lot was the role of managing press backstage at five shows. I was thrown in at the deep end working at the Bora Aksu show on day one, which was on-schedule and in the BFC show space that no one could stop talking about- Brewer Street Car Park. Backstage I recognised some friendly faces including Victoria from Inthefrow who I had a brief chat with about when she lectured me at uni last year.
My next two shows: Three Floor and Steven Tai, came the following day and gave me the chance to experience a presentation at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms. Steven Tai was one of my favourite collections I saw at Fashion Week and the presentation itself was unique and full of fun ideas- you can see a couple of my photos here. Day three was different again as I was working at the Éthologie show (held in an actual carpet shop?!) before hot-footing it down to Libertine London for an after party hosted in honour of AOFM, where I was working front-of-house. Day four was my last and I was back stage at the Wilson PK presentation in the Fashion Scout venue before making my way home to (very) quickly pack-up a suitcase and leave London for the next best city in my life: Manchester!
I have now survived my refreshers week (which commenced within minutes of my arrival at the new house) and been into uni for my first couple of lectures, so I think I am getting back into the student swing of things. As for my new house, which I love, I have been working on trying to get my room looking as homely as possible. I took a trip to the poster sale, stuck up fairy lights and I’ve been burning candles to try and rid the weird smell so I think all student clichés are fulfilled. As for university itself, I have quite an interesting selection of modules this semester- let’s just say I’ve already had to order an A-Level Economics revision guide.
There’s some things coming up that I am super excited about including a couple of nights out that we arranged a long time ago and an interesting work opportunity. I’ve also signed up to quite the range of societies this year because it turns out I’m not good at saying no to people at the freshers fair, so surfing/ cheese and wine/ botanical society here I come!

I watched Steven Tai’s geek chic-esque collection come together from behind the scenes of his presentation at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms this afternoon. With random balloons, geeky glasses and a whole classroom’s worth of old fashioned desks and chalkboards being moved around, I was curious to see how it would come together to complete his ‘Worst Day Ever’. With models on instruction to slam desks shut, cut-out paper chains and aimlessly sketch in their notepads, the presentation was reminiscent of a creepy film. Clothes looked child-like and came in shades that matched the pic ‘n’ mix on the classroom desks. There were plenty of ruffles and both collars and buttons were oversized giving a cartoon-like appearance.


It was day one of London Fashion Week and the fash-pack showed up in force to suss out the new Soho home. One of the first collections to grace the car park turned BFC show space was the much anticipated Bora Aksu. With a collection that ticked all the spring/ summer cliches- floral patterns, pastel colours and sheer fabrics; Bora Aksu proved his design expertise in all things beautiful. 
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The Clothes
The key theme to Bora’s SS16 collection was lace. With the use of sheer organzas and tulles in pretty pinks, orange and white, the collection was a decisively girly display. Although a couple of the pieces came in a stand-out black, the dark colour only heightened the intricate floral designs of the surface lace. The light-weight nature of the fabrics lends itself to layering and the cut of the designs created a depth of textures. 

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The Make-up
The AOFM make-up teamed created a fresh look that gave models a summer kissed glow. With a peach shimmer colour on the lid, the lashes looked as if they were left bare. Whilst lips had a glossy sheen, the cheeks were finished with a light pink coloured blush. The stand out finishing touch to the makeup was the use of ‘Face Lace’ on selected models’ foreheads, hands and arms. In both white and brown colours, the tattoo-look stickers complimented the intricate floral designs on the clothes. 
The Hair
Hair was very minimal- a low pony-tail with a smoothed down, deep side parting and the models’  own hair was wrapped around to hide the ties. With strands left out at the front, it had a slightly un-done feel. A couple of the looks were finished with extravagant, red floral crowns (definitely not the festival appropriate type!)
Bora Aksu was an aesthetically stunning start to Fashion Week and what I can only imagine is the first of many floral fronted collections. I was amongst the chaos back stage for this show and the words on everyone’s lips were: ‘Face Lace’, let’s see how it catches on. 

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I’m heading back to Manchester for university in a matter of days. Although Manchester really does have almost everything you could wish for in a city, it is still without a Wholefoods store much to my disappointment. I took a trip to my local store in Richmond to pick up a few bits that I thought would be hard for me to find, before travelling up north and switching back to student friendly supermarket shopping.


September, in my head, means back to school and sure enough this September will see me heading back up to Manchester to start year two at university. I’ve been shopping around for some interior inspiration and small homeware items because I’ll have a new bedroom to decorate on arrival in my new house later this month. Etsy is easily one of my favourite places to find unique and reasonably priced home decor, in particular they have hundreds of wall prints, which I have spent far to long scrolling through. Three of my favourites (there were many) were the Hustle Baby, Get Shit Done and Moon Phases prints. Just add a cheap Ikea/ Wilkinson A4 frame in black or silver and it’s the  perfect decor that beats £1 posters from the uni sale any day! 
Next on the wishlist is a couple of clothing items including these Grid Checked Tapered Joggers from M&S(!). I saw these on a mannequin whilst walking through the store and decided they looked so much more fashionable and young than your standard M&S trousers that I hunted them out online and added them straight to my wishlist. Another item is this Denim Mini Skirt from New Look (which looks much nicer on, by the way). If you’re after an A-line skirt this season, New Look is definitely the place to go. I don’t tend to go into their store much anymore as I know they are very trend and fast-fashion focused, however if you love an A-line skirt as much as me then New Look really do have every colour and print you need. 
After walking into the Benefit store on Carnaby Street a couple of weeks ago, not only did I walk out with a fresh face of makeup, but a substantially grown wishlist. Benefit products are a splurge for your standard student hence why I’ve limited my wishlist to the blusher that tops the lot: Hervana.
Monica Vinader jewellery was first brought to my attention by Jessie from sunbeamsjess whose amazing YouTube channel is repeatedly full of the most stunning fashion and jewellery items. I remember her wearing a set of stacked Monica Vinader rings on multiple occasions and the brand name has stuck in my head ever since. I spotted their Alphabet Pendant necklaces in a couple of magazines this month and just loved how they looked. They come in silver, rose gold and gold, so one of each is ok, right?

Striped T-shirt | Zara
Black Maxi Skirt | H&M
Denim Jacket | Vintage
Sunglasses | ASOS

In the seaside town of St. Ives in Cornwall, we stood on the sand to watch the tide come in and wondered the back lanes to discover the craft shops and perfectly cosy cafes. After plenty of steep stairs, we reached the top of the hill to enjoy a view of the sea from above. St. Ives was busy with tourists soaking up the last of the summer sun (it is September now) but with blue skies and time to aimlessly explore, there wasn’t much I’d change. My outfit was was an easy choice as these were pretty much the only clean clothes left at the end of my holiday- with a little extra help from my sister’s donated maxi skirt.

Tide out…

Tide in…


Whilst on our family holiday in Cornwall this week, we decided to venture slightly further a-field than the local beach for one of the days and head to the Eden Project for an exploration of their iconic gardens. Fortunately the sun was on our side so we were able to wonder around both the outdoor gardens and the futuristic-looking biomes during the day. On our trip around the ‘Rainforest’ biome (complete with rainforest temperatures and humidity) we paused to look at the waterfall and tribal huts, took photo stops for the many exotic plants and climbed a swinging staircase for a birds-eye view of the jungle below. The slightly less intense atmosphere of the ‘Mediterranean’ biome was filled with brightly coloured flowers, Californian-style grape vines and a traditional Greek-looking outdoor restaurant. 
The Eden Project definitely comes recommended and if you’re in the area (or not- it’s worth a bit of a journey), I’d suggest taking a look. Expect to be educated on coffee production and tequila farms as well as sustainability and botany, all whilst enjoying what feels like a trip around the world. 

YouTube video or blog post, what’s in my [insert type of bag/ suitcase/ make up bag…] ramblings are extremely popular. When I first started discovering YouTube videos posted by girls of a similar age to me, I used to love watching them reveal the contents of their handbags through an un-staged *cough* show and tell. To someone who hasn’t seen said videos or isn’t familiar with the over sharing nature of blogs, I can understand that the idea of sharing all sorts of random bits that accumulate in your bag is slightly questionable but there are plenty around and if everyone else is doing it, then so can I! 

When I’m at home, my make up is generally spread out all around my room. Most likely because I always end up putting it on in a rush and different products will end up in different places depending on the other task I’m trying to complete at the same time. When I can, I’ll have all my things neatly in my makeup bag and ensuring everything still fits in is a good way of making sure that my collection doesn’t keep on growing. I’m actually writing this post in the car on my way to Cornwall (we are currently 3 hours and one coffee stop in) and this holiday was another reason to condense my collection into a travel appropriate size. I probably brought more make up with me than I’ll need seeing as it’s unlikely I’ll be wearing any most days but options are always good, which was also my justification for packing half my wardrobe. Tightly squeezed into this brightly printed bag from Natural Collection (Boots own brand?) is the current contents of my on holiday make up bag…