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L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Place Vendome 364

I surprise myself if I ever have perfectly painted nails because somehow there’s always a chip or messy edge somewhere. That said, this beautiful red from L’Oreal’s colour riche collection called ‘Place Vendome’ is one that definitely requires a steady hand and a bit of patience, so unfortunately it’s quite rare that I put it on.


The clocks have gone back, it’s almost Halloween and it’s so grey and cold outside- we’re definitely in Autumn. This season is always my favourite for fashion, I love that it’s completely acceptable to wear dark colours and that I can get away with boots, scarves and warm clothes on a daily basis. My wardrobe doesn’t really cater for Summer as I’m always wanting to layer up with big fluffy jumpers. So whilst I’m wrapped up in my duvet in bed and procrastinating with online shopping, I thought I would share some of my favourite high-street finds that I would consider the classic autumn, wardrobe essentials.

The Chelsea Boot
Everyone needs a pair of ankle boots in Autumn because not only are they warm and comfy, they’re practical. If you find a pair with a bit of a heel and a clean finish they’re appropriate smart/ work occasions but my favourites are always the chunky ones, think: classic Doc Martin Chelsea Boots with a tag and cleated sole).
The Knitted Dress

A jumper dress is probably one of the most useful items to have in your wardrobe through autumn. Just add chunky tights and boots or wear it over leggings and you’ve got a whole outfit sorted. Dresses with round necks can be layered with shirts for a smarter style whilst the less fitted ones look great with ankle boots and a blanket scarf for a casual look.

The High-Neck Jumper

Definitely the cosiest of the lot. Get yourself a polo, roll or funnel neck jumper and layer it under a jacket in autumn or coat in winter and you’ll definitely appreciate the benefits.
 Topshop | Zara | H&M
The Wool Coat

My first priority when looking at coats is always that it must contain wool. Although it seems like a given to use wool (the warmest fibre) when creating an item of clothing designed for the purpose of keeping you warm, it’s more expensive in terms of manufacturing and when shopping on the high-street you have to keep your eye-out for the shops that will cheat you with the cheaper fibres.
Zara | Oasis | Mango



L-R: St Ives Scrub | E45 Lotion | Avene Moisturiser | La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+)
I’m quite picky when it comes to skin-care products and I tend to stick with the same things when I find something that actually works for me. I enjoy the products that are quick and easy to use and the ones that don’t come with a £50 price tag or a waiting time of anything more than a few seconds. I like to think that what I put on my face everyday is fairly simple but looking at a line-up of four products for any morning or evening suddenly seems slightly excessive. It probably isn’t to any beauty blogger but I know people that just use face wipes everyday and maybe moisturiser if they’re feeling generous with their time…how?! I’ve been through my fair share of the Clinique, Liz Earle and Origins products everyone seems to preach about but these four drugstore products are working just fine for me.

The first thing I use every morning and evening is the St Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitive Skin. It has the consistency of an exfoliater as it contains little beads but it is so light that I can still use it daily. It actually feels like it cleans my skin unlike so many of the other face washes I have tried and it is amazing at removing all traces of make-up. 

So my skin is pretty dry, hence the double dose of moisturiser. The E45 comes out occasionally but the Avene moisturiser is an all round amazing product. It’s the most expensive in the line up but I would say definitely worth it if you have dry skin. It also smells pretty great. I buy mine from feel unique as they often have offers on but any shop stocking French pharmacy products will sell this.
The other French product is La Roche Posay’s infamous Effaclar Duo (+). I can’t say I know what the ‘+’ is for as the only difference I can notice with the original is the slightly more expensive price. This one goes on before the moisturiser and helps clear up any spots or redness super quick- if you haven’t tried it, try it!

Finally, E45. The most simple product that does absolute wonders for people with dry skin. I remember getting through many-a bottle when I was younger to help with excema and I still use it now for any dry skin patches. Since being at uni, I have preached it’s powers to a couple of friends, one of which I lent a bottle and never got back so it must have done its thing! 


When it comes to social media, in my opinion: Twitter wins.

According to my Twitter page, I joined the site in August 2011…that’s a pretty long time ago! Although, the way I’ve used Twitter over the last four years has changed massively as it is no longer a celeb stalking spot but my main way of keeping up to date with the fashion industry. Twitter has been an invaluable tool for me in terms of finding out about jobs, events and opportunities and I’ve even used it for college and uni work.
Incase you hadn’t already figured out for yourself, Twitter is an amazing place to find out important information first, providing you follow the right people. With access to of-the-minute news from the press, companies (big and small) as well as some of the most influential people, it is a massively diverse and useful platform. My Twitter news feed is always full of a complete mix of professional and personal updates, which both entertain and inform me, whether I’m scrolling on the bus or searching for live updates on important events.
Some of the Twitter accounts I enjoy seeing on my feed and I think are definitely worth a follow are…

@Drapers– find out about breaking fashion news (particularly retail) here first

@designmilk amazing modern designs that you won’t see anywhere else

@Uber_pix ignore the not so great handle, just enjoy the pictures

@wgsn follow them around fashion month for updates and catwalk pictures

@designtaxi definitely the most creatively inspiring account I follow: useful for design hacks, news and entertainment

@mintelnews insightful information and stats on market intelligence in the fashion industry i.e. make yourself feel super smart

@ukfashionintern a useful and regularly updated collection of internships (and it’s known in the industry so does get lots of good opportunities)

@BBCBreaking the one that makes sure my feed isn’t just pretty clothes!

@BritishVogue a good fix of celebrity related news as well as updates of what is in/ going to be in the shops

Alongside these accounts, which I suggest that anyone with an interest in design/ fashion/ pop culture  should follow, I’d also say that some of the most important tweets I see come from the more random accounts that I’m subscribed to. Make sure you’re following everyone from your local town/ city’s tourist guide to your university’s news page and the ones that have proved most invaluable for me are the accounts of the company’s you want to work for.


Living in a student house is probably not something you’ve ever experienced before or will ever experience again after you leave- the standards aren’t high and priorities generally lie with ‘could we have a good party here?’ I always find it interesting to see how people choose to decorate their rooms as it’s hard to make it feel like home when you know you will most likely only be there for a year and the majority of what is already in the room, isn’t chosen by yourself. I think we’ve made our house pretty homely and cosy by student standards although I’ve been trying to make my own room feel a little less bare, as I know it’s where I will spend a lot of time.
The room itself is quite small but I’ve added lots of fairy lights and the cliche student-room bunting along with many candles as there is an interesting smell that I’m still trying to shift. I picked up a couple of homeware bits from H&M, although most of the things I had from last year. To add to the astronaut poster I had in my halls room, I bought a giant poster of the moon and also stuck up an illustrated map of Paris above my drawers. I still have some of my own illustrations/ pictures that I’m yet to print out but when they are up I think I can stop with the decoration!


I managed to put together this October Wish List in about 10 minutes purely because there are so many thing I could be spending my money on these days (help!) As soon as it was October, I switched my searching for sandals straight to ankle boots, which are something I never struggle to find as I seem to love every style and colour I see. One of my friends wore these Leopard Chelsea Boots from H&M on a night out recently and I LOVED how they looked. When I found out they were the same style (and price) as a brown pair I already own from H&M that I wear pretty much every time I go out, they went straight into my basket. Another pair of boots I found were on ASOS, the Truffle Collection Front Zip Ankle Boots. They look quite grunge-y and like the leopard print ones, are so unlike me but I love them all the same.
Next are a couple of make-up items: theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer (ridiculous name!) and an Essie nail polish in Cocktail Bling. The Essie colour caught my attention in a Lily Pebbles post and theBalm’s highlighter is one that I have seen a ton of people talking about and using in the last few weeks.
For my second wish list post in the last few months, I’ve included a cook book, which this time is Anna Jones A Modern Way to Eat. I ordered the sequel to this book from Amazon recently as I was looking for some more experimental vegetarian recipes and I realised soon after that this was in fact Anna’s second book. From the couple of recipes that I’ve already tried out from the second book, I know that I definitely want to get my hands on the original. 
Finally is a light grey, Carhartt Beanie. Aside from all the hype (and the chav connotations), I just think it’s a nice beanie! Being Carhartt, I can almost guarantee that this would be a beanie to actually keep me warm, which makes the price tag slightly more justified.