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I haven’t yet made any comments on LFW this season but that doesn’t mean I’m not watching very, very closely.  Last time round I was there myself, working amongst the chaos but fortunately this season I have found it easier than ever to get my hands (eyes) on coverage from even the most high-profile shows. The majority of bloggers/celebs that get themselves on the frow have been quick on the uptake of Snapchat and their live updates are most welcome. I’ve live streamed a couple of shows but when that isn’t possible because you know, things to be done,  I’ve turned to Snapchat for my LFW fix.  (more…)


It’s been brought up in all my lectures, the fashion press can’t stop gossiping about it and even my 90-year-old great Aunt had something to say about it: Alexa Chung is the new face of M&S. I can’t help but wonder, like everyone else, why they’re chasing the younger crowd when their long term older audience seem to be the sensible market to target. It’s clearly going to plan for them though because here I am, the un-likely M&S customer, singing my praises about their latest collaboration. I can’t help but think that it’s all because they knew, before I even knew myself, that a collection designed by one of our generations’ greatest fashion muses would get us shouting about good-ol’ M&S.  (more…)

Southport Pier

Southport was the destination for our 24-hour trip to the seaside this weekend. My parents were there to see family and explore the town, as they had never been before and I decided to join them from Manchester, as it is only a short train ride away. I also had never been there before but it fulfilled all my expectations of an old-fashioned, seaside town. (more…)

Acne Jacket Styling Inspiration Fashion Pinterest

Pinterest is a Narnia of styling inspiration and within just minutes of scrolling through some of my favourites boards, I’ll have a ton of new tabs open and be frantically saving pictures for future reference. Most of the items I spot (sadly) remain on the ‘in my dreams’ wish list but that doesn’t stop me hunting out and putting together some style inspiration. It wasn’t till after picking out these three items for this post that I spotted the theme of off-duty model/ effortless chic, because that’s the dream, right? (more…)


So 7th February is technically Pancake Day but pancake making in our house definitely isn’t restricted to just one day of the year. Last weekend featured my favourite blueberry and banana pancakes as a lazy Saturday morning, hangover cure. (more…)

Having lived in London for my whole life, I always love when I discover and explore new places in my home town, which is unsurprisingly very often in a city so large. Recently we took an afternoon to walk along Regent’s Canal, starting at Camden Lock and finishing in Little Venice. Camden Markets are an area I have visited many times before but for some reason, I’d never taken the popular route along the canal. The walk is a scenic one and being parallel to Regent’s Park gave us a few glimpses into London Zoo. We finished with lunch in Little Venice onboard the Waterside Cafe, before wondering back to the tube and eyeing up all the amazing houses on the way. (more…)

Grey seems to be the colour my eyes are drawn to in just about every shop I go into and my wardrobe is a shameful sea of grey. No surprises that the two things I picked up in Zara’s end of season sales where both in my favourite colour. Although, the actual skirt and top that I bought are different to what I would usually pick out- just to keep things interesting!