Monthly Archives: March 2016

oneHappy Easter!! May your breakfast table be filled with eggs of both the chocolate and not-so chocolatey variety. I decided that Easter baking was a good idea and I tried out two decorations, as inspired by Pinterest. The bunnies were definitely my favourite but my family seemed to prefer the sheep, even if they didn’t turn out quite like the picture I had in mind.  (more…)


I remember spotting one of Anna Jones’ cookbooks in an Anthropologie store once and instantly loving the minimal aesthetic and style of the book before even looking at the recipes inside. When I decided to try out vegetarianism a while back, this was the first book that I picked up. It’s one of those books that even meat-eaters would enjoy because none of the recipes feel like they’re missing something and the flavours are so well thought out that you wouldn’t think about adding any extras.  (more…)


I am back in London now for my Easter break but before the long list of coursework can be tackled, I’m treating myself to some retail therapy and using ‘I got through this Semester’ as an excuse. Today is apparently the first day of Spring and recently I’ve been rather optimistically shopping for jackets and bikinis, although this is definitely not a reflection of outside temperatures. Is March always this cold?! (more…)

Plane View Scotland Snow Plane View Scotland SnowA second Sundaze summary of my week… (more…)

Clothes Rail Charity

I got to experience my first Swish clothes swap at a pop-up on campus this week as part of my university’s Big Green Gathering Sustainability Festival. The ‘ethical’ trend is here for the long-haul  in the fashion industry and rightly so, every 10 minutes we send 7 tonnes of clothes to landfill in the UK. The idea of swishing is to pick up some new items for your wardrobe in exchange for your own pre-loved apparel, all whilst avoiding the usual financial and sustainability hangovers. Now what’s not to love about that? (more…)