Monthly Archives: April 2016


See this post as a quick snack idea rather than a life changing recipe…I do realise how easy it is to cover rice cakes with chocolate! I have been a little bit obsessed with chocolate covered rice cakes since I first spotted them in a supermarket around Christmas time but after a few months of buying them at a rather pricey £1.50 ish per pack of 6, I finally stopped being lazy and took the time to make some for myself.



A quick outfit of the day, which I wore to a Blogger Hangout event in London last week.



It’s been a while since I wrote about favourites around this part but over the last few weeks there have been some things that I’ve been regularly using and loving and so, wanted to share.



Black Boots

I pretty much live in black boots but I’m always drawn to the chunky pairs with buckles, zips and big soles. However, when I spotted this slightly more girly pair in the Topshop sale for a bargain price, they went straight in my basket.



I’m sure it’s the fashion student in me that hates to throw out clothes when I can see them looking great on someone else. I have always enjoyed buying pre-loved clothing from charity shops or vintage fairs therefore I know it’s important to share my own clothes so that others can do the same. The majority of the clothes I end up getting rid of, I don’t deem as being ‘eBay worthy’ but when the pile builds up, I take the time to sell them and make some extra money whilst I’m at it. Although I have sold quite a few of my clothes on eBay before, there’s definitely a few tips that I wish someone had told me when I was starting out… (more…)