Monthly Archives: January 2017

skincare products

Despite swearing by a handful of drugstore skincare products for over two years, the last few months have seen me switch-up my daily routine multiple times in search of a solution for my grumpy, winter skin. I’ve been moaning about spots and dry skin despite following all the skincare golden rules (drink enough water, get enough sleep, skip the make-up… you know the drill) so I decided it was about time that I turned to some new products. I’m really happy with how this trio of products have been helping me out recently.



I can’t stop dreaming of going shopping. Like actual, feel the fabric and try stuff on shopping. Maybe it’s the endless hours I’ve spent at my laptop reading strategy textbooks that have me fantasising of real-life interactions and a chance to wander around shops guilt-free. As a consolation, my revision breaks consist of online shopping or more specifically, scrolling the pages of ASOS in search of my latest fashion obsession: a suede biker jacket.



I’ve always held the idea of practicing yoga in high regard, with massive respect to those who power through hours of balance, stretching and movement. In 2016 I got the yoga bug and began discovering the far-reaching benefits for myself. Hey, I even got my own yoga mat!