24 Hours In Southport

Southport Pier

Southport was the destination for our 24-hour trip to the seaside this weekend. My parents were there to see family and explore the town, as they had never been before and I decided to join them from Manchester, as it is only a short train ride away. I also had never been there before but it fulfilled all my expectations of an old-fashioned, seaside town.

We wondered along the (very) long pier and looked around the retro arcade, which was kitted out with original slot machines and games. The machines played out eerie music and accepted old pennies only, matching the un-touched feel of town.

Southport Pier Retro Food Truck

Southport Pier

Retro Arcade Slot Machine

Retro Arcade Machines

If you ever happen to find yourself in Southport, The Hungry Monk pub comes highly recommended for its quirky and vintage-feel decor. We didn’t have food there but I loved that the cider was served in mason jars and the wall of antique mirrors was my favourite feature.

Another pub we tried was the Tap & Bottles, beer speciality pub. The place was very small in size but it was packed full of locals, which can only be a good sign. If you can appreciate a sizeable selection of beers and ales, Tap & Bottles can’t be missed.

Vintage Mirrors Selfie

Mason Jar Ciders

It’s not until you take a trip away from a big city that you remember that towns where it is possible to walk around at a leisurely pace, without constantly people dodging, do actually exist! Southport has never been on my list of places to visit but catching up with family and wondering around between cafes/ pubs/ restaurants comes with no complaints from me.




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