A Modern Way With Anna Jones


I remember spotting one of Anna Jones’ cookbooks in an Anthropologie store once and instantly loving the minimal aesthetic and style of the book before even looking at the recipes inside. When I decided to try out vegetarianism a while back, this was the first book that I picked up. It’s one of those books that even meat-eaters would enjoy because none of the recipes feel like they’re missing something and the flavours are so well thought out that you wouldn’t think about adding any extras. 

Anna’s first book is A Modern Way To Eat and was released just as everyone started going a bit crazy for the whole kale/ quinoa/ courgetti thing. I received this book as a gift from my sisters (most likely after mentioning it in this previous wish list) and I added it to the sequel, A Modern Way To Cook, which I already had.


The books are organised in the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner style way but they also feature ‘how-to’ type pages that help you put together the perfect soup/ salad/ breakfast bowl etc. by picking out an option from each list, depending on what you feel like or already have in your cupboards. I also really enjoyed reading Anna’s philosophy at the beginning of each book to hear about how she values quick, simple and healthy cooking that will above all, actually fill you up.

I picked out a couple of my favourite recipes that I’ve tried so far. First is a ‘herbed green quinoa’, which I found was a massively improved version of the quinoa dish I often make as a quick mid-week dinner already and next are Anna’s ‘full of greens fritters’. This recipe was something new for me as it involved grating courgette(?!) and combining it with egg, spinach and cheese to make these surprisingly easy fritters. Other recipes worth mentioning are the ‘halloumi and harissa rainbow bowl’ and the ‘smoky beans and sweet potato hash browns’, all of which I’ve gone back to and made multiple times.



I always know that I’ve found a good cook book when I’ve filled the pages with post-its and markers like I have here.


I thoroughly recommend these books for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, especially those that will find the look of these books on their shelves as satisfying as I do!



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