Argan Oil // What Is It & Why Use It

Argan oil

Whilst the hype around coconut oil continues, I wanted to remind you of, or maybe introduce you to, the amazing powers of argan oil from Morocco. It may have had a surge on the beauty scene a few years back but after experiencing the farming process first hand this summer, my appreciation of the so called ‘elixir of youth’ has massively recharged. Understanding the benefits and uses of argan oil might just put it back on your beauty radar too.

Where does it come from?

Whilst on holiday in Morocco a month or so ago, I had the privilege of visiting an argan oil farm where my eyes were truly opened to the far reaching capabilities and benefits of the oil. We appeared to stumble across the farm whilst on a long stretch of desert road and none of us expected the beauty of their gardens and the humbling nature of the women who work there everyday. The process involves cracking nuts from the native argan trees, which can then be roasted for culinary uses or put straight through the grinding/ pressing process to ultimately release the oil. I was intrigued to hear how automation of the process had failed, which truly highlights the importance and skill of the workers.

Argan oil farm

What is it good for and how to use it?

The oil is full of antioxidants and Vitamin E, hence why it has long been used for treating dry skin and to help reduce wrinkles, scarring and acne. Inside the farm, their products ranged from honey to face masks and foot cream to digestive supplements. All made from argan oil, obviously.

Knowing that the majority of the affordable products on the market are likely to contain only a small quantity of argan oil itself, I was excited to get my hands on the product in its purest form. The strength of 100% argan oil means that you only need a few drops for it to work its magic. (Hair products/ face masks etc. on the market will have most likely been diluted already, hence why they recommend using larger amounts.)

I picked up a small bottle of high concentration oil, which I was advised to use on the lengths and ends of my hair (damp or dry) and on my skin by mixing it with everyday moisturiser. I also got a lip balm, which is definitely the best I have ever used. The pink colour doesn’t transfer to the lips and the pot itself appears to be never ending… win win!

Lip balm

Aside from the two products that I picked up in Morocco, the argan oil product that I still use religiously on my hair is the OGX Penetrating Oil. I really recommend their whole ‘Argan Oil of Morocco’ range; my whole family swear by it.

gardens Flowers Roadside
Maybe next time I’m in Morocco, I’ll dare to pick up some of the products focused on the unique benefits of argan oil but not after getting as many back ups of the pure stuff as my suitcase will allow.

Have you tried out argan oil before?



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