The Blogs I’ve Been Reading All Summer Long

Fashion blogs are my guilty pleasure. Chances are, if I’m sat scrolling through my phone I’ll be catching up with my favourite fashion and lifestyle bloggers in some way shape or form. However more often than not, I’ll check through my favourite fashion blogs by looking at the pictures alone and I can leave a post satisfied that I’ve seen the content without so much as reading the accompanying words. That’s when I turn to a different style of blog; those that hold their power in their words. From relatable lifestyle content to intellectual musings and even book reviews, these are the blogs that have captured my attention all summer long.


01. Refinery29– As is so often the case, I was drawn to Refinery29 most recently via a viral Facebook post. This time around it was the latest addition to their popular Money Diaries series: ‘Drag Queen in London on 16k’. Brilliant. Refinery29 is a long-standing blog that covers diverse content from fashion and pop-culture to world news and politics. It’s the ideal site to browse when you need an easy to read catch-up of news around the world during your lunch break, and then to get some light relief from said world news. Instagram-inspired hairstyles anyone?


02. Daisybutter– I’ve read this lovely lifestyle blog from Michelle Chai for a few years now. I find her content so relatable as a fellow twenty-something blogger that started out at university and I really enjoy her down to earth, no-frills writing style. The posts I particularly appreciate are Michelle’s weekly ‘Petite Joys’ updates, as well as her advice features, which always feel so genuine.


03. Medium– I don’t think this one counts as a blog, strictly speaking but it’s such a unique concept site and one that always sucks me into that blackhole of reading post after post. Medium allows its readers to publish their own ideas, stories and perspectives, with the result being a hugely diverse array of content from personal essays to comedic opinion pieces. As Medium put it themselves- “it is your daily news reimagined”.


04. Gatesnotes– Finally is Gatesnotes, which is, as you may have guessed, Bill Gate’s personal blog. Unsurprisingly from this blog you can expect lots of intellectual content and scientific-based ideas split into categories such as ‘improving education’ and ‘energy innovation’. Trust me on this one, the articles are a lot more digestible and interesting than they might sound! From my understanding, Gatesnotes’ book recommendations are also held in very high regard, with someone I know once boldly stating that she hasn’t read a single Gatesnotes’ book recommendation that let her down. It’s definitely one to check out if you’re in need of an intellectual-sounding conversation starter when the fashion blogs let you down (you know ASOS hauls and L’Oreal’s beauty squad can only get you so far…)




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