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Following on from my Most Read Fashion Blogs post back in January is an update on some of the blogs I am enjoying reading at the moment. Here are some favourites I have read for years mixed in with a couple of new discoveries…

Park and Cube
Park and Cube is surely one of the most influential blogs out there, it definitely is for me anyway. I remember looking to Park and Cube when I first set up my blog as I loved author Shini’s writing style and the design-led layout of her website, as it was different to the standard Blogger set-up. Shini’s outfit posts are amazingly styled and always beautifully photographed, although she also writes about food, home and london-living among many other creative topics.

Poppy Deyes
The fact that I know of Poppy’s blog is definitely as a result of her cult YouTube friends but I love that her blog is far from being aimed at the crazy teen-girl fan base I suspect makes up much of her following. Poppy features such amazing photography on her blog and I especially love her food posts, which always feature recipes with a healthy focus. Despite being a fairly new blog, Poppy’s site is reminiscent of some of the most well-established blogs out there.

What Olivia Did...
Just from reading Olivia’s blog over the last year or two I feel like I know her as a friend. Her writing style is so personable and her down-to-earth approach lends itself to trustworthy reviews. Not only do her outfit posts look like something out of a magazine, her ‘London Loves’ series has been one of my favourites and is something I can definitely use as a reference in the future.

Healthy Lilybee
Having recently turned vegetarian, I am constantly looking for new recipes that I can try out and this blog is one that popped up again and again (most likely because I add ‘student’ and ‘cheap’ to any of my google recipe searches!) The blog is written by foodie student Lilybee and is perfect for anyone looking for some new recipe ideas with photos to match- it’s especially great if you have any vegetarian/ nut free/ diary free requirements.


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