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It’s been a while since I wrote about favourites around this part but over the last few weeks there have been some things that I’ve been regularly using and loving and so, wanted to share.



First up is my gold heart necklace, which was a present from my parents a couple of years ago. I somehow managed to break the clasp a few weeks back and accidentally forgot about it after putting it away in my drawers. I have now had it fixed and I’m back to wearing it everyday again. I still love the necklace just as much as the day I got it and that says a lot for someone as change-able as me!

A couple of my current favourite make-up products are Maybelline’s Master Shape brow pencil and MAC lipstick in New York Apple. I have used the brow pencil everyday since I bought it and the waxy, dark brown shade is a perfect match for me. Unfortunately the pencil needs to be sharpened, unlike many of the wind-up style brow products on the market at the moment but it’s so useful having the brush at the other end. As for MAC’s New York Apple, the colour is a statement deep-pink, with a slightly shimmery finish. I very rarely wear lipstick so when I do, I like to go for a bold colour like this one. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talking about this shade before but I really recommend it.

A clothing item that I wanted to mention are my Karimor leggings that I have been wearing lots recently for running, gym-ing and yoga. They have a bright pink waistband and a reflective pattern down the sides and around the ankles. They are quite thick so fortunately not see-through and they are, most importantly, super comfortable. Having nice clothes to wear for exercise is definitely good motivation!


Finally is Teapigs. I got my hands on a couple of Teapigs samples and I’ve been trying out their adventurous flavours this week. I loved the darjeeling earl grey and also their standard green tea. One of the stranger flavours that I tried was chocolate and mint. I didn’t think that it tasted like either of those flavours and I couldn’t quite decide whether I loved it or not? Have you ever tried Teapigs before?

Another quick favourite that I want to mention is my current Netflix series of choice: How To Get Away With Murder. I’ve just finished Season 1 and although it took me rather a long time to finish, I loved it throughout and I am now (very) excited for Season 2.



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  1. I’ve tried teapigs but not chocolate and mint… I quite like peppermint tea but chocolate tea has never ever tasted like chocolate to me, so I’m a bit wary of mixing the two! Their berry flavours are great, I’d definitely recommend giving them a go

    Charlotte xx

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