Fashion Week Experience As An Intern & Back To University

make up studio set up backstage at london fashion week
Back again! I feel like I somehow managed to cram more into the last two weeks of my summer holidays than I did for the whole 3 months I was off. After securing an internship with a PR company to work over London Fashion Week, I was working right up until the hour before I boarded the train and headed back to Manchester for the start of year two at university. Having being in my new student house for exactly a week now, I feel slightly more settled in and able to stop and catch up on what has been happening.

The Prep & Day One

Fashion Week is notoriously crazy and stressful for the most frequent of attendees, let alone for someone trying to work backstage after never having experienced the chaos before! My Fashion Week experience did begin in an office, where I was able to watch some of the drama unfold for two weeks prior to the event. The people I was working with gave me so many opportunities that I knew were a privilege for a short-term intern and topping the lot was the role of managing press backstage at five shows. I was thrown in at the deep end working at the Bora Aksu show on day one, which was on-schedule and in the BFC show space that no one could stop talking about- Brewer Street Car Park. Backstage I recognised some friendly faces including Victoria from Inthefrow who I had a brief chat with about when she lectured me at uni last year.

Day Two – Four

My next two shows: Three Floor and Steven Tai, came the following day and gave me the chance to experience a presentation at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms. Steven Tai was one of my favourite collections I saw at Fashion Week and the presentation itself was unique and full of fun ideas- you can see a couple of my pictures from the Steven Tai Presentation here. Day three was different again as I was working at the Éthologie show (held in an actual carpet shop?!) before hot-footing it down to Libertine London for an after party hosted in honour of AOFM, where I was working front-of-house. Day four was my last and I was back stage at the Wilson PK presentation in the Fashion Scout venue before making my way home to (very) quickly pack-up a suitcase and leave London for the next best city in my life: Manchester!

Back to University

I have now survived my refreshers week (which commenced within minutes of my arrival at the new house) and been into uni for my first couple of lectures, so I think I am getting back into the student swing of things. As for my new house, which I love, I have been working on trying to get my room looking as homely as possible. I took a trip to the poster sale, stuck up fairy lights and I’ve been burning candles to try and rid the weird smell so I think all student clichés are fulfilled. As for university itself, I have quite an interesting selection of modules this semester- let’s just say I’ve already had to order an A-Level Economics revision guide.
There’s some things coming up that I am super excited about including a couple of nights out that we arranged a long time ago and an interesting work opportunity. I’ve also signed up to quite the range of societies this year because it turns out I’m not good at saying no to people at the freshers fair, so surfing/ cheese and wine/ botanical society here I come!

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