Five Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

On what feels like the 98th day in January already, I wanted to ignore the gloomy weather outside and think about a few things that I’ve been really enjoying watching/ wearing/ using/ doing over the last few weeks.

001. The Sinner

Here’s another Netflix recommendation to add to your list. If you know me, you’ll know that I usually struggle to see any series through to the end so the fact that I watched The Sinner in just a few weeks can only be a good sign. In a nutshell, it’s a psychological drama with some really weird/ dark themes. The best bit? It has a conclusive ending.


002. Élysèss boots

My favourite buy of last year were a pair of dark brown suede over the knee boots from a brand I discovered on Zalando called Elysess. They went on sale shortly after I bought them *eye roll* and unfortunately they are now no longer available but this Aldo pair are very, very similar in terms of shape and style. These boots were the first pair of shoes that made me bother to invest in suede protector but I already know it’s worth it, even just to avoid the panic of ruining them in a surprise rain shower. I shopped high and low for a pair of real leather OTK boots that weren’t ridiculously out of my budget (*cough* Stuart Weitzman) but I’m glad I held out for my perfect pair.


003. Fitbit

My Fitbit has been surgically attached to my wrist since the day I got it (not really, but you know what I mean). As a girl that spends her whole day analysing data at work, it’s really no surprise that I love tracking and looking back at stats about my day, my gym session and my sleep. Knowing that there’s recorded evidence of how many steps I’ve taken in the day or how hard I really worked at the gym is all the motivation I need. I’ve got the Fitbit Charge 2, which does everything I need, including measuring my heart rate (so useful for comparing the impact of different types of exercise), it can receive my texts and calls, and it even sends me reminders to get off my backside for a few minutes every hour during the work day.


004. New glasses

I’ve mentioned a couple of times on the blog that I started a new job at the end of last year and aside from all the things that I love about it, I really dislike that I spend a huge chunk of my day staring at a computer screen (and probably will do for my foreseeable working life). I picked up some new frames recently in hope that I would be more encouraged to wear them day-to-day. Well, it’s working so far and I even kinda like them.


005. Boxing

Another new thing for me at the end of last year was going to boxing classes. Aside from the fact that my Fitbit is tricked into thinking I’ve walked an extra 7,000 steps, when if fact all I’ve done is throw a load of air punches, I’ve really enjoyed trying out something new at the gym. Plus, my heart rate goes through the roof during just a 45 minute class- I’d highly recommend if you’re into the red-faced and sweaty post-gym feels.




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