One of my new favourite ways to procrastinate is by searching for recipes, new foods and different ways of eating. Gluten-free, paleo, raw etc. diets get a lot of attention these days and although some of them are just trends, I find it interesting to read about the ways people choose (or for medical reasons have to) eat. Since starting uni, I’ve tried cutting out meat and now more recently started eating fish for the first time but I’m definitely not always clever with what I eat and sometimes all I want is cheesy pasta or toast so that is exactly what I will end up eating! The days that I am feeling slightly more inspired, it’s probably after looking in one of these places…




When I’m deciding on new things to cook or figuring out what I should be buying, one of the first places I look is Pinterest. The food photography on there is amazing and enough to make anyone’s stomach rumble. The recipes behind the pictures are normally linked but sometimes I just like to look.



Another procrastination source for me is YouTube videos and recently I have watched tons of ‘What I ate today’ style videos. My favourites are from Niomi Smart, purely because her plant-based diet is interesting to learn about and seeing how amazing she looks is enough inspiration for anyone. Also check out Lily Melrose- she follows a vegan diet and as per usual, is very opinionated about it.

Food Blogs


Probably an obvious one but; food blogs. I love reading the blogs written by people that follow diets I don’t know much about, such as Deliciously Ella who has a seemingly very restrictive diet but then never fails to come up with amazing creations. I don’t personally cut out even half the things she does but looking at lots of different blogs means that I can to combine ideas from them all and translate it into something I would actually follow myself. Another person that gets a mention every time I talk about food is Madeleine Shaw. I could listen to her voice all day and I find her lifestyle so inspiring. As with most of the food bloggers in the media spotlight, the recipes these two put out often contain rather obscure/ expensive ingredients so it’s always worth checking out alternatives before running off to a health foods store.


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