Healthy Blueberry & Banana Pancakes (GF)


So 7th February is technically Pancake Day but pancake making in our house definitely isn’t restricted to just one day of the year. Last weekend featured my favourite blueberry and banana pancakes as a lazy Saturday morning, hangover cure.

Blueberry banana pancakes

I used this foolproof recipe from Love & Lemons, which happens to be gluten free. I substituted almond milk for regular milk (so mine weren’t vegan, like the recipe) and I also had to swap out maple syrup for honey, as that’s what I could find but they still tasted as good as always. Blueberries make the perfect pancake topping and I like that this recipe suggests adding the berries to the batter so that they warm and slightly burst whilst the pancakes are cooking. Make sure you don’t miss out the cinnamon, salt or vanilla extract- they definitely add the great taste.

For one (hungry) person, I’d suggest halving the ingredients in the recipe, although this gets slightly confusing with cup measurements so maybe offer a stack to a friend (you’ll make their day!)



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