Most Important Meal of the Day

1. Avocado and egg on toast
2. Greek yoghurt with strawberries and granola
3. Scrambled egg on toast with asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes
4. Gluten free banana pancakes

Since being at home from uni for the summer I have really enjoyed having the time to try out new recipes and foods as well as cooking myself meals that I wouldn’t usually have the time to make. Mornings before early lectures generally consisted of tea and toast or a cereal bar on the bus. However, breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day and I get way to hungry to ever go without- although being a dietician’s daughter meant I was probably never actually allowed to go without!I typically go for eggs as they are high in protein, which helps keep you fuller for longer and I also try to use some sort of fruit or vegetable as it makes a healthy start to the day. When adding fruit, I’ll keep the sugar content of the other ingredients down for example by using a natural greek yoghurt and granola with no added sugar. I also stick to drinking green tea or water in the mornings ever since realising the sugar content of the fruit juices I always used to have.




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