5 Ingredient High Protein Energy Bites

As someone who’s always in need of a snack, especially to give me energy when I want to go to the gym straight out of lectures, it pays to be prepared. Without these delicious energy bites tucked away in my bag I rely on shop bought snacks, which can get very expensive and aren’t always filled with our first choice ingredients.

I’ve tried out multiple recipes for energy balls and protein bites but these ones (adapted from a few different recipes through trial and error) are the tastiest I’ve made. They are naturally sweetened with dates and cacao powder and they taste like chocolate truffles. Honestly! The nuts are a great source of energy and the combination of chia seeds and whey powder really up the protein content. Note: a simple switch to pea/ hemp protein powder will make these vegan and shouldn’t affect the ingredients ratios.

The bites will last in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 10 days and I suggest layering them with baking parchment to avoid them sticking together.

Ingredients (Yield: 9 large/ 12 small)

200g dates (approx. 12)
1.5 cups nuts (I used a mix of cashews and hazelnuts)
1tbsp chia seeds
1tbsp cacao powder
1 scoop (25g) vanilla protein power (I use this one)


1. Firstly, blitz the nuts in a food processor until fine.

2. Chop the dates up into small pieces and add into the food processor, along with all the other ingredients. Mix until fully combined.

3. Scoop out the mixture a small handful at a time and shape into a ‘squashed ball’. Note: I found that the mixture remained quite crumbly but it will come together with a bit of pressure.

4. Chill the bites in the fridge for a couple of hours to help them set and then enjoy!



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