How To Go To The Gym & Not Completely Hate It

GymI’m not quite the person that needs to Snapchat or Tweet about every time I go to the gym but I do seem to find myself talking about it a whole lot of the time. Why? Well, it’s most definitely not because I know what I’m doing (I’m still working on that bit) so I guess it’s because I just kinda like it. I like the feeling of working my absolute hardest at something, I like seeing myself improve and most of all, I really like the post-work out feeling. Being able to walk out the gym a hot, sweaty mess and know that you’ve done something with your day that your body will truly thank you for, is all the motivation I need.

I’ve been a member of one gym or another since I was 16 and back then I just wanted to get on a treadmill and run- I had zero interest in lifting weights or in how I was fuelling my body. My goals and reasons for training now are very different but in some way or another, I’ve always wanted to be in a gym. I might still feel like a complete newbie on the gym floor but I’m good with motivation and here’s five of the ways that I make going to the gym an enjoyable part of my day.

1. Pick your timing carefully

If you know you’re not a morning person and just about make it out of the door on time each day, then perhaps signing yourself up to a 6am spin class isn’t the best idea. Figure out what time of the day you are most awake and motivated as well as what fits best into your daily routine so that going to the gym doesn’t feel like it’s getting in the way and you’re more likely to stick with it.

2. Try a new class

My friends and family are sick of hearing me talk about my newly discovered love for spinning. I’m sure they will understand too the day I get them along to a class (one day…) Trying a new class is such a good way to stay motivated and it’s perfect for those that need extra advice and ideas on what they should be doing at the gym but can’t afford personal training i.e. myself. Don’t be fooled into thinking that gym classes are all Zumba and aerobics; trust me, circuit training isn’t for the faint hearted!

3. Figure out a routine that you love

Whether you consult the professionals or Google, try and figure out a routine that works for you so that you can feel like you’re working your hardest whilst (kind of) knowing what you’re doing. YouTube and Instagram are easy places to find new moves and tips on technique so that you can actually get your moneys worth and use all those machines and free weights instead of just hopping on a treadmill. You’ll be that person moaning about leg day before you know it.

4. Be smart with how you eat

We all know ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, ‘your body is 80% diet’ blah blah blah… but eating ‘right’ is easier said than done. In terms of helping yourself to not completely hate going to the gym, I suggest eating enough and at the right time so that your energy levels are optimised but a single burpee won’t leave you clutching your stomach. Also, master some quick and tasty recipes for when you get home to re-fuel your muscles with all the correct nutrients (think: high protein, low fat, low sugar) and avoid the hangry state of mind.

5. Get a good gym wardrobe

It’s amazing how much motivation you can get from a new sports bra or pair of leggings! If you buy something new that you love and feel good in, you’ll be at the gym before you know it, just to show it off. Well it works for me.



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