January Ain’t So Blue After All. Just Me?

This week I read that Blue Monday was invented as a marketing ploy from a travel company to lure people into booking more holidays. This bullshit pseudoscience can have an overwhelmingly negative affect on our outlook of January as a whole. It’s kind of sad that a nonsensical formula, supposedly used to calculate our ‘most depressing day of the year’ can convince us that we’re feeling ‘blue’, when in truth it’s probably just a shift back to our normal mood after a temporary Christmas-high. The fact that it’s extra long till pay day and us 9-to-5ers don’t get to see a minute of daylight perhaps doesn’t help either. In a bid to keep spirits high, here’s a reminder of how you might actually be feeling in January. Spoiler: it’s not ‘blue’.

Feeling inspired.

Having spent the last couple of months of the year getting completely wrapped up in the Christmas hype, I find that anything in January feels new. Whether that’s my work, my wardrobe or my writing, I’m feeling inspired to start a-fresh with some new ideas. I’ve spent the last week wearing a load of items that I found stuffed at the back of my wardrobe, which help me resist splurging in the Jan sales. I also managed to get excited about blogging again this month, so let’s hope this bout of inspiration lasts.

Feeling motivated.

Aside from the obvious January health-kick kinda things (getting to the gym a few times a week, not eating Christmas chocolates for breakfast etc.), I found that I’ve also been motivated to tick things off the to-do list that I have been putting off for a while.

Feeling like there’s time.

When January 1st rolls around, there’s suddenly 12 long months ahead of us and time-pressured tasks start to seem more achievable. Aside from the fact that all the things you’re motivated and inspired to do may fill out your weekly calendar, taking a year-long perspective on your to-do list definitely helps! I even put together a post of things that I’d like to make more time for in 2018, which was my take on setting New Year’s resolutions.

Feeling organised.

January 1st fell on a Monday this year, anyone else find that extremely satisfying?! I find it super easy to feel organised in January, perhaps because not enough things have even happened yet for me to get overwhelmed with but you get the idea. Getting a 2018 diary helps with the organisation side of things, as does doing the things you’ve been putting off (see how this all links together yet?)




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