Coloured By Khaki // Style Inspiration


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Khaki is a timeless shade that has the ability to add both impact and elegance to the most minimal of outfits. For a colour that will forever be associated with camouflage and uniformity, khaki can be styled with neutrals; grey, beige, camel or baby pink, for a softer palette. Alternatively, use black to bring out the power in a look and play on the theme.

Some of my top khaki finds that you can shop right now…


1. Theory, £198.35

2. Phillip Lim, £209.03

3. Cos, £18

4. Mango, £29.99

5. Mango, £35.99

6. Monki, £25



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  1. […] Let’s ignore the fact that this skirt is H&M circa. 2012 as I think it works well as part of the throw-on look and maybe I’m a few years late early for the peplum revival (maybe). Accessories wise, I went with my trusty Indi & Cold sandals from last summer and a suede shoulder bag in my favourite colour of the moment, khaki. […]

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