Mini Wholefoods Haul

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I’m heading back to Manchester for university in a matter of days. Although Manchester really does have almost everything you could wish for in a city, it is still without a Wholefoods store much to my disappointment. I took a trip to my local store in Richmond to pick up a few bits that I thought would be hard for me to find, before travelling up north and switching back to student friendly supermarket shopping.

 The things I picked up included Biona Organic’s Pure Oaty Granola as it is one of the only granolas I have ever been able to find that has no added sugar. I also wanted to try out Artisan grain’s new Quinoa, which I found on special offer. Another thing on offer was Higher Living’s Green Tea, which was by one get one free making it cheaper than my usual favourite (Clippers). Some items that really are hard to find in your standard supermarket are raw Chia Seeds (I got a fairly small packet as they take me a while to get through) and Cacao powder, which is perfect for adding to the final item… Red Mill’s gluten free rolled oats. I would normally choose quick oats but these seemed much better value for money so I was happy to try something new. Another Wholefoods item I picked up on a previous visit and will be taking to university with me is Biona Organic’s Coconut Oil (not pictured). I have found coconut oil to be such an easy to use, healthy alternative to other cooking oils and the jar is taking my ages to get through, so I thought it also deserved a mention.


I always have to stop myself buying the items I can just get from any standard supermarket as I know Wholefoods’ prices aren’t the most competitive but for the brands that are hard to source and for products that cut out all the unhealthy extras, Wholefoods is the place to shop.



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