Monday Mood


May your Monday be short and your coffee be strong.

001. Weekend Ideals

Waking up on a Monday morning is 10x harder after a weekend that you never wanted to end. My Friday kicked off a with a touristy trip to London where we wondered around The City, along the river and (finally) payed a visit to the Sky Gardens at 20 Fenchurch Street. Although we had clear skies, I can only imagine that the view remains as stunning on a gloomy winter’s day. The sunshine’s appearance coincided perfectly with a family/ friends BBQ and also gave us a beautiful, riverside sunset. See why I didn’t want it to end?

002. Drive Time

One of the main things on my agenda this summer is driving. I took a break from learning during my first two years of uni (heads up, not a good idea) but I’m back on it now and the lessons are slowly starting to seem a little less scary. I wanted to share a super helpful site called Book Learn Pass, for any of you that might be in a similar position to me and learning or thinking about getting on the road this summer. The information that you can find on here will help you learn your theory, book your lessons and master the test, with their insider tips.

003. Blogger Appreciation

You know those blogs that you don’t need a Twitter reminder or Bloglovin’ update from to visit their site because, well, you’re already there? Here are a few of the blogs that fit that criteria for me right now….


Disclaimer- this post contains a paid for advertorial with Book Learn Pass.


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