Surf & Yoga in Morocco

The Atlantic

Last summer I got my first taster for surfing. Admittedly, the waves were small, the sea was freezing (we were in Cornwall) and as a complete beginner, I spent a very minimal amount of time actually ‘surfing’. Ever since then I’ve been waiting to have another go and when uni finished for the year, I went with group of friends to the west coast of Morocco to do just that.

Surfboard Surfers Sandy Looking out Paradise Valley Flowers Cafe LanternFireThe village we were staying in was Taghazout; a small surfing/ fishing village about 40 minutes drive from Agadir. We spent long days at the beach putting our (minimal) surfing skills into practice before heading back for a yoga session, timed perfectly with sunset. The surf season in Morocco is during the winter, when I’ve been told the place comes alive with seasoned pros but for us, the waves were an ideal size and the sea a perfect July warm. I highly recommend the place we stayed: Surf Taghazout. We opted for a ‘Surf and Yoga’ package, which was a very reasonable price, especially when considering everything that was included. London isn’t exactly ideal for keeping up the surf practice but that just gives me an excuse for another holiday, right?



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