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I absolutely love minimal jewellery and a scroll through Instagram fills me with ideas for simple yet elegant earrings, rings and beyond. I love low-maintenance jewels that I can either throw on with any outfit or, in the case of earrings, keep wearing without adjustment for weeks. I picked up a couple of new pieces recently from two of my favourite fashion stores, which just so happen to stock limited yet perfectly designed jewellery collections.

First up is where I shop for all of my earrings these days: & Other Stories. Their earrings that I have come across are sterling silver and very reasonably priced. I have bought plain studs and small hoops from them before and most recently I added these bar earrings to my collection. They have so many minimal silver and gold earrings to choose from (along with their more unique designs) so I was there a while trying to choose but I love how easily minimal jewellery can be mixed and matched together.

earringsSide note: just incase you didn’t hear me squealing in excitement about it the last time, & Other Stories is in Manchester!!

Here’s my current earring situ, because apparently I now post ear close-ups on the internet…



The shop which is synonymous with minimalism is of course, Cos. The perfect simplicity of their clothes extends to their jewellery collection and last time I was in store, I couldn’t put down this tube necklace. It was on the till counter (the nemesis for impulse buyers) and it is available in three different colours. I love how this necklace looks when it’s on as it is very subtle and the way it sits is unique because of the shorter length.




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