The New Trio For Glowing Skin


Over the summer months ‘glowing skin’ is a massive buzzword in the beauty world but keeping that summer-glow when the days turn colder is just as important. I’ve loved adding this trio of products to my collection recently, as each of them work together to help your skin look and feel great. When the long days of summer sun feel like a distant memory, you need to try out these three simple steps to revive a glowing complexion.

Step One: Scrub Up



First up is this unique release from a brand that I have recently discovered: Exuviance. Their Bionic Body Polishing Mask* is not something that I’ve ever used or heard of before but it’s the ultimate exfoliator that truly leaves your skin feeling refreshed and polished.  Formulated from natural ingredients (no micro-bead YAY), it helps with relieving dry skin and uneven textures to brighten up the areas of skin we neglect under layers of clothes and blankets for months on end.

Step Two: Fake It Till You Make It



The easiest way to achieve glowing skin is with a gradual tanner like Dove’s Summer Revived. It’s cheap, super easy to use and gives you a sun kissed glow after just a couple of uses. I’ve tried a few gradual tanners over the years and this one is definitely the lowest maintenance i.e. no streaks or patches. You might need to be careful if you’re using white towels but otherwise, get on it!

Step three: Hydration Hero



After exfoliating and whenever you’re using a tanning product, we all know that having deeply moisturised skin is super important. Vichy’s Mineral Mask* is an amazing newly released product and one that my skin has most definitely thanked me for since I’ve put it to use. The texture is gel-like and admittedly feels (and looks) a bit slimy but simply apply it after washing your face at night and wake up to soft, hydrated and plumped up skin. Anytime the cold weather hits; try it and thank me later.


*Disclaimer: items received as a PR sample



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3 responses to “The New Trio For Glowing Skin”

  1. Latoya says:

    The body polishing mask sounds great for me as I suffer from dry skin during the colder months.

  2. Hannah says:

    I’ve heard such good things about Vichy’s products but have always been a bit put off by the price. This sounds amazing though! And I agree, I love to have a glow in winter it makes me feel so much better about myself x

  3. Keeley says:

    I have the Exuviance to try so looking forward to it after reading this! I must have a look for the Vichy too, I’ve had really good experiences from their stuff in the past.

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