I can’t stop dreaming of going shopping. Like actual, feel the fabric and try stuff on shopping. Maybe it’s the endless hours I’ve spent at my laptop reading strategy textbooks that have me fantasising of real-life interactions and a chance to wander around shops guilt-free. As a consolation, my revision breaks consist of online shopping or more specifically, scrolling the pages of ASOS in search of my latest fashion obsession: a suede biker jacket.

When it comes to the suede biker, I’m loving different colour ways. Khaki tops my list but that’s surprisingly hard to find so navy, cream, grey and maroon all come into careful consideration. Going faux or not is the next difficult question, which all depends on whether I go for a classic colour and cut or something more trendy (classic styles deserve real suede, in my opinion). Such difficult decisions to have! Anyway, here’s some of my top picks at the moment, courtesy of ASOS…


Left | Right


Left | Right


Left | Right


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