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Changing perceptions of protein for women and understanding it’s power to help us achieve our goals is the driving force behind My Protein’s latest launch. The ‘Active Women’ range is a combination of protein based blends, supplements and snacks formulated specifically to support us females with our muscle development *insert bicep emoji*. I went along to their launch party to hear about and, more importantly, taste test the products.

Protein? For Women?

It’s quite overwhelming to realise that just going to the gym isn’t necessarily enough to achieve results at the rate many of us want. The protein myths for women about bulking up and gaining weight have been debunked with the facts and figures to back up how much protein us women actually need (and it’s a lot more than you think). In it’s most basic form, upping your protein intake is like handing your muscles the essential building bricks it needs for recovery and growth. If you’re sweating it out at the gym 3 or 4 times a week, your body will most definitely thank you for the helping hand.


What’s in the range and where to start?

So, according to the expert, the place to start with this range is with one of their blends, which you take in the all important one hour, post-workout window. You have the choice between the Diet Blend and the Vegan Blend, both of which come in multiple delicious flavours (think: strawberries and cream, chocolate brownie, banana cinnamon mmmm…) Also in the range, and where you should look if you’re getting serious about your goals, are the pre-workout drinks, calorie-friendly snacks and collagen based supplements.

The Launch Event

After checking in at the Hale Country Club & Spa, we got to try out a cardio and core workout, fuelled by a pre-workout shake, which tasted far too similar to a mojito at 8am! It was a mix of their pre-workout blend along with avocado, mint and coconut water (I think…). Following the workout class, you guessed it, another protein shake. This time it was an iced coffee mixed with their diet blend. If hitting my daily protein intake is as easy as having a supplemented iced coffee, then I think it’s definitely something I can stick to. Also on the list to try were skinny cookies and raw chocolate bites.



The convenience of the snacks and blends in MyProtein’s range is too easy to excuse and I’m hoping that by seeing results, my desire to keep on going with the Active Women range will continue…I’ll let you know how that one goes…

You can find their range, along with recipe inspiration and extra science-y bits here.



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