September Wish List

september-wishlistSeptember is a great month for shopping. I’ve moved into a new house (new decor required), student loans are in (new purchases are actually possible) and I’m kicking off my third year as a fashion student (new clothes definitely needed). So, in true ‘I have one day in uni this week’ style; I have spent my last few days checking the new in pages of my favourite stores and hunting out things that I’ve convinced myself I need for a new year.

Slouchy Turtleneck Jumper, Urban Outfitters

This item has been inspired firstly by the sub-zero temperature of our new house but also by the fact that every jumper I seem to have brought with me to uni is grey. For someone that wears jumpers almost every day, more options are required!

Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Eyeshadow and Lipstick

I have a massive girl crush on Victoria Beckham and when it comes to fashion advice, I’d consider hers holy grail. When I heard about her Estee Lauder collaboration I was excited to see what products would be released but wary that the price tag may keep these items firmly on my wish list rather than in my make-up bag.

Cropped Velvet T-Shirt, Zara

This top is fun, girly and the easy-to-wear shape makes it a less daring choice for exploring the velvet trend. I haven’t yet spotted this item in store and I’m intrigued to see if they have successfully added a luxe feel with a heavier velvet fabric…

Fur Lined Slippers and Fresh Fig Diffuser, The White Company

My uni room has had too many new additions this week after I let myself get all excited at the prospect of decorating a new bedroom. However, I’m still hoping to get my hands on this diffuser. The fig scent is always one of my favourites from The White Company and I think diffusers are the most convenient way to transform the smell of a room. The slippers were spotted whilst I was looking at the diffusers and I couldn’t help but add them to my wish list after experiencing the ice-cold floors throughout our house this morning.

Mesh Crop Top, Urban Outfitters

I love this top on the Urban Outfitters site, I think it’s perfect for a uni night out and I love that it can look different on every occasion depending on what is worn underneath.



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  1. LOOOOVEEE that cropped velvet top! they also have a crushed velvet pink dress which I have got to buy!

    Claudia xx

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