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Having grown up in a house that was always filled with candles, flowers and thought-out details, I find great enjoyment in filling my own space in our university house with similar homely touches. There’s no easier way to bring a lovely fresh scent into a room than with a reed diffuser and this Ö Diffuser from Skandinavisk does the perfect job.

Not only were my family dedicated to making our house a true, cosy home, they were also intent on reminding me of my Swedish roots. I love that Scandinavian traditions have played a huge part of my life and I’ve always admired the super-chic aesthetic that Scandinavia are famed for. It’s no surprise then that I love everything about this reed diffuser, from the packaging to the name and of course, the scent.

I was introduced to the Skandinavisk brand by my mother after she stumbled across their candles and diffusers in John Lewis. The ‘Island Solitude’ Diffuser sits proudly in my room and I love the freshness of the scent. Technically speaking, you can expect ‘notes of driftwood, hardy rose, white flowers and green leaves’. This diffuser is most definitely subtle and it’s often not till I walk close by that I’m reminded of the smell but I guess that’s what makes diffusers the perfect low-key investment into home scent improvement (is that a thing?!).

I love the whole image and story of the Skandinavisk brand and I’m intrigued to explore some more products in their collection but until then I’ve got months left to enjoy the beautiful scent of Island Solitude.



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  1. It’s a lovely scent isn’t it! We sell the full Skandinavisk candle range in our independent candle shop and they are always one of the bestselling brands. Have you seen how pretty the candles are?! We love them because once you’ve finished burning them you can use them as planters or make up brush holders 🙂

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