Sundaze #3

Fashion IllustrationsA week of deadlines, inspiring lectures and end of term celebrations, topped off with a trip home to London. Here’s what happened in my week…


You can’t take bloggers anywhere without an outfit shoot

Cherry BlossomDrink in the sun

Drinks in the sun amongst the cherry blossom


Being tourists in Covent Garden

001. Vivienne Westwood. Guest lectures at university are pretty hit and miss. I’ve been to plenty, just to broaden my horizons beyond the latest trends and branding campaigns that I hear about in my day-to-day, however I rarely find that they live up to their hype. Well, this week Dame Vivienne Westwood was in town and offered her time to give a talk to students on ‘The Climate Revolution’ as part of her Intellectuals Unite campaign and to coincide with the launch of Manchester Museum’s climate control exhibition. Aside from the fact that she was basically dressed like a mermaid in the sparkliest of dresses I have ever seen (v. distracting), it was massively inspiring to hear such an iconic designer dedicate her time to sharing her knowledge and goals. It wasn’t quite an army tank protest outside Downing Street (if you don’t know- read here) but Vivienne seriously knew her stuff. Even though I’m sure half the room turned up just because of her A-list designer status, I bet everyone, myself included, left feeling inspired to do their bit.

002. Deadline Day. It was the final week of lectures for my second year at uni (how?!), meaning that I had plenty of coursework deadlines looming. Fortunately I avoided the last minute stresses *pats self on back* and was actually able to take the time to celebrate with friends before the real exam stresses start. Thursday afternoon was spent in a beautiful beer garden to make the most of the rare Manchester sun and Friday saw us take a shopping trip that turned into dinner and drinks, post hand-in

003. Day Tripping. As part of deadline celebrations, I took a day trip to the cosy town of Knutsford in Cheshire with my course friends, for a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon. Being a group of bloggers and fashion students, we were very happy just wondering the boutiques and having photo-shoots by the lake. It was a perfect reminder that there’s life outside of cities.

004. LDN Bound. Speaking of cities, my visit to the cobbled streets of Cheshire has been followed up with a return to London today for a much-needed trip home. It may only be for a few days but it’s enough time to catch up with my family and take some time out before the revision kicks-in.

005. Creative geniuses (how do you say that in plural?). There are two stand-out YouTube videos that I watched this week, which happened to be from two of my favourite and most-watched bloggers. I usually love the candid nature of vlogs but these videos in particular were too good not to share. See: Samantha Maria’s Santorini Lookbook and Lily Pebbles’ Chanel Fields video. It’s a lovely reminder of the creative talent and effort that is truly behind successful vloggers (and bloggers). Inspiring stuff.




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