Sundaze #2

Plane View Scotland Snow Plane View Scotland SnowA second Sundaze summary of my week… Rough Collie Dog Roses Flowers Coral
Alderley Edge Pret Coffee Sun Shadows

February still feels like yesterday but somehow we’re almost half-way through March…this year needs to slow down! My week started and ended with two super sunny days. Although my Monday was spent in lectures, I took a mid morning coffee break in Pret and sat by the window in a seat that felt like it was being melted by the sun. Later on in the week, I took a brief trip to Alderley Edge in Cheshire with a friend to have a look around the shops there and check out ‘The Edge’. Photo credit to Vicky for the shot of me looking pensive at the view.

My random activity of the week was getting a 3D Body Scan at my school in uni. It was definitely a weird experience but an educational one as you get given a print out of your scanned self (not the most flattering) along with many, many measurements. I now know which foot is 0.3cm longer, which shoulder slopes a cm higher and which bicep is 1.5cm bigger, you get the drift!

It was also a week of celebrating birthdays with a course friends’ birthday dinner at an Italian in town on Monday evening and then my housemates’ 21st birthday party on Friday night, which was lots of fun and filled with plenty of prosecco- just what I needed before a 7 hour shift! This afternoon I went out with friends to grab some pizza from Dough MCR, a place we’ve been meaning to visit for ages after their rave reviews for GF/DF offerings. FYI, I recommend.

The first few photos in this post are from my brief trip to Inverness in Scotland last weekend when I was visiting family. I flew up with my Aunt and we spent the whole plane journey marvelling at the amazing snowy views over the mountains as we flew into the highlands.

Only 5 days left of uni now until the Easter break. Countdown: on.



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