Sundaze #5

Rain P1000898

Have I ever seen so much rain in June? Definitely not. Oh well, what’s a blogger update without a moan about British summertime weather.

This week I’ve been hitting the gym pretty non-stop, partially as a way of getting out of the house and seeing other humans whilst my parents are at work all day but also because I’ve been absolutely loving trying out the classes on offer at the new gym I’ve joined over summer. And just to counteract any benefits I may have achieved by sweating it out at spin class, I have been baking away now that I’m back in a kitchen with a half-decent array of cooking equipment. Last Sunday was chocolate fairy cakes in honour of the Queen’s 90th Birthday and then later on in the week I tried out a batch of Blueberry Porridge Squares from Livia’s Kitchen. The squares didn’t turn out too great and just reminded me of cold porridge…oh well.

I’m heading off to Morocco next week with a few uni friends and we’re staying at a surf school on the west coast. I’m sure much of my time on the beach will be spent in a wetsuit, which makes the idea of being in a bikini sound slightly less daunting but with 30 degrees worth of sunshine, I’m sure a bikini will be all I want to wear. Despite all the planning and admin details that I totally forgot come with going on a holiday thanks to my father’s insane organisation over the years, my excitement levels are most definitely high.

I have just returned from a weekend in Southampton for my cousin’s hen party, which was so much fun and totally unlike any other night out I’ve ever had. If nothing else, it has made me 10x more excited for the actual wedding next month, eek! Tomorrow I have a day to myself to pick up some last minute holiday essentials and then I get to go and find my friends as they arrive in London one-by-one, ahead of our ridiculously early flight out to Marrakech.



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