Sundaze #6


Despite the rainy start to the day, a good ol’ Sunday brunch put a smile on our faces this morning. We headed out to Solomon’s, a quirky bar/ cafe, to finally check out their brunch menu and hide away from our long to-do list of coursework and cleaning for a couple more hours.

One of my highlights this week was an evening event at uni, which featured a panel debate on the topic of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the fashion industry. Sounds very dry, I know. But actually, the points that were being raised during the discussion were so important to what’s going on in the world RIGHT NOW and it’s easy to see that they’re too prevalent to ignore. Being a fashion student, learning about how much consumers suck at making sensible choices is a daily lesson, but the simple message that I took away from the talk is…

“We need to be more conscious. We should question everything we buy”.


The little things that made me happy this week were the two pieces I picked out from the ASOS sale. One was a very simple Cheap Monday logo t-shirt and the other a (also very simple) black turtle-neck jumper. All the essentials. And just FYI, because I see how hypocritical purchasing cheap items off ASOS sounds after the above paragraph, I made this order last week and I wouldn’t classify either as trend pieces. 

Also putting a big smile on my face this week was receiving a parcel from home. Handwritten cards and thoughtful gifts will never get old and my mamma always gets it just right.


A quick mirror outfit that I threw on this week for a day in uni ft. lectures and a careers fair. Jumper- Jack Wills, Trousers- H&M, Shoes- WODEN (see post here)


This afternoon’s set-up features the red flowers I picked up yesterday to brighten up my room as the days get increasingly grey. On the agenda is some reading prep for the week, job applications and eating my body weight in chocolate digestives.

Happy Sunday!



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