Sundaze #7

Breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning, with a catch up of my week. This time I’m talking about getting back to yoga, the Valentine’s Day hype and passing my driving test.

001. The Daily Grind. Last week I was thrown back onto the uni bandwagon with my first few lectures of Semester 2 following the exam period. I think I must have spent the first week in a post-exams daze, as I listened to the array of work inevitably heading my way.  This is my final semester at uni, like EVER, so fortunately this week I got back on the daily grind of pre-class reading, post-class reading, you get it, lots-of-reading. It feels good to get started with my final projects, let’s just hope this mentality sticks…

002. I Passed My Driving Test. Something which I’ve only shared with a small number of people so far, despite it perhaps being one of my biggest achievements to date: I (finally) passed my driving test! If you know the struggle (and I believe only a few people truly do), then you will understand the sheer relief I am feeling right now. The ordeal that was driving tests (yes, plural) is OVER and I cannot wait to get my hands on that shiny new driver’s licence.

003. Hello, Yoga (again). This week I got myself back into the studio for an actual yoga class and it put a huge smile on my face. The class was a perfect slow introduction after a few weeks off and I felt so much better for it. I’ve learnt that the combination of resistance training and yoga class is the ideal pairing for me and if you wanted to read a bit more about the benefits of yoga from a beginner’s perspective, check out this post.

004. The V-Day Hype. I get it, marketer’s need content. This week (and the 5 previous) I’ve had a mass of Valentine’s related content forced into my inbox, news feeds, social timelines etc. And hey, here’s some more content! The trend for the last few years has definitely been about Valentine’s Day as an occasion to ‘treat yourself’ (any excuse) and get together with friends (single or not). It’s all a bit overwhelming if you ask me and the pressure is real. That said, I’m a complete sucker for the hype around commercial holidays and I guess I don’t mind a news feed of ‘pink heart cookies’ and ‘romantic date-night ideas’ once in a while.

005. Special Mention. The blogs and influencers that especially caught my attention throughout the week were Plant Based Pixie for this truthful post on the ‘clean-eating’ debate. Also, Rhiannon Lambert (@rhirition) for her continued efforts in promoting the importance of seeking advice from professionals, rather than unqualified social media stars. And finally, this week I’ve turned back to an old favourite, Man Repeller, for their coverage of NYFW so far.



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  1. Big Congrats on your driving test and I am the same like you -trying to get back to Yoga, once I do it I realise how much benefits it gives to me! xx

  2. ahhh I have failed my test twice now! so good for you haha. its my nerves 🙁

  3. Amy says:

    Well done on passing your driving test!! I was back at uni too and definitely felt that post exam daze you speak of hha xx

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