Swishing: The Latest Trend In Sustainable Fashion

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I got to experience my first Swish clothes swap at a pop-up on campus this week as part of my university’s Big Green Gathering Sustainability Festival. The ‘ethical’ trend is here for the long-haul  in the fashion industry and rightly so, every 10 minutes we send 7 tonnes of clothes to landfill in the UK. The idea of swishing is to pick up some new items for your wardrobe in exchange for your own pre-loved apparel, all whilst avoiding the usual financial and sustainability hangovers. Now what’s not to love about that?

Charity Clothes Vintage

Shopping Charity Swishing

Suitably positioned on North Campus- home of fashion students- this Swish store displayed generous donations from staff and students across the university and opened with popularity for an exclusive two hour slot of clothes swapping fun.

Anyone that frequents the vintage/ charity shop scene knows that the best finds come to those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty (figuratively speaking, I hope). Fortunately this Swish shop had a very relaxed vibe and I watched the clothes swapping in action as someone walked away with an embellished Zara skirt in exchange for their French Connection blouse, which someone later picked up as a swap for their own bag of donations. If only all clothes saw this much love!

Big Green Gathering University of Manchester

Have you tried out swishing before? I’ve heard swishing parties are a thing *Googles*



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