Things I’d Like To Make More Time For In 2018

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Making time for the things you really want to do is always easier said than done. Suddenly we’re half way through January and I haven’t even properly thought about any form of New Year’s resolution. Has anyone?! So instead, I’m thinking about things that I’d like to make more time for in 2018, now that sounds far more achievable. You know those things that topped your to-do list for longer than you’d care to remember or those if only you I had more time ideas, well here’s just a few of those…

Stretching & Yoga

A couple of years ago I first discovered yoga and fell in love with the whole yogi-scene (I even went on a yoga retreat in Morocco?!) but unfortunately, my feet rarely find themselves on a mat these days. Yoga/ pilates/ barre classes are definitely on the agenda for me this year, even if it is just to counteract the many, many hours I spend hunched over a computer at work all day. I’ve experienced the benefits of a good ol’ yoga stretch before (see, here) so I know I’ll thank myself for starting it up again. Well, at least that’s what I’ll tell myself to get through the first couple of classes when touching my toes is even a struggle!

Meal Prepping & Planning

From all the time that I spend reading food blogs and from all the beautiful recipe books stacked up in my house, you’d think I was a pro at prepping Insta-worthy meals. Truth is, I spend far more time reading about food than I spend cooking it. I’d love to dedicate more time this year to actually having a go at recreating the recipes that I like the look of and maybe I can become that person that plans out their meals for the week (with enough to spare for a perfect packed lunch the next day, of course!)


The last time I read a non-textbook book is longer ago than I’d like to admit. ‘Read more’ is something that tops a lot of people’s New Year’s resolution list but it’s such a simple and rewarding one. I’ve set myself an achievable goal of 5 books in 2018- send the recommendations my way.

Seeing Friends

Whilst it’s lovely to know that I have friends positioned up and down the country, it’s equally disappointing to know that I’m likely to see them each only a handful of times a year. The latter months of 2017 completely ran away from me and I didn’t make time for half the visits and trips I’d have liked to have made. I’ve got my first trip for 2018 in the diary already and it’s made me realise how much I love to have something planned and ready to look forward to. Here’s to making the time for many more.


I graduated in 2017 (in case I hadn’t mentioned it enough times already), so this year is my first without any form of formal education. For the girl that loved her lectures and studying, that’s a rather sad thought. Fortunately, starting a job in a field that I had no previous practical experience in means that learning is still a huge part of my everyday. I’m excited to pick up lots of new skills both in and outside of work, and I’m even planning some evening classes that take me back to my GCSE days.

Exploring London

I’ve lived in London for all the 21 years of my life but I definitely wouldn’t consider myself to really know London. I want to discover new districts and towns and actually go to the markets/ events/ museums etc. that I’m forever hearing about. Importantly, I want to discover my favourite, potentially-liveable parts of London and then…move there, just like that! Big changes planned for this year, watch this space.




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    That’s a lovely post!! 💕 very inspiring! Thanks for sharing! ❤️🤗

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