Geek & Chic at Steven Tai SS16

I watched Steven Tai’s geek chic-esque collection come together from behind the scenes of his presentation at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms this afternoon. With random balloons, geeky glasses and a whole classroom’s worth of old fashioned desks and chalkboards being moved around, I was curious to see how it would come together to complete his ‘Worst Day Ever’. With models on instruction to slam desks shut, cut-out paper chains and aimlessly sketch in their notepads, the presentation was reminiscent of a creepy film. Clothes looked child-like and came in shades that matched the pic ‘n’ mix on the classroom desks. There were plenty of ruffles and both collars and buttons were oversized giving a cartoon-like appearance.


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  1. […] presentation itself was unique and full of fun ideas- you can see a couple of my pictures from the Steven Tai Presentation here. Day three was different again as I was working at the √Čthologie show (held in an actual […]

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