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comb3Moving into a new house is definitely one of the most exciting parts of heading back to uni. It’s exciting to live only upstairs/ next door to the people you’ve spent all summer missing (at least it is for the first few weeks anyway) or to move into totally new surroundings and play out your expectations of what uni life is all about. Whilst I can only dream of jumping back two years to re-live my first two years at uni and once again experience the responsibility-free life of a fresher, I can still get excited at the prospect of returning to education for another year. Even if that’s only to transform a new blank-canvas room into my next home from home.

The shops have been pushing ‘back to school’ in our faces since before we even broke up, I’m sure of it. However, my own thoughts on heading back up north for my next and final year at university have become especially prevalent this week with the dramas of results day. From the next cohort of freshers, that will most likely to be unaware of the halls room that lies ahead of the them, to the well-versed student that can’t quite remember which house they signed for in the end (so. many. house. viewings.), there’s plenty of opportunity to seek out interior inspiration.

I’ve lived in my fair share of small rooms and although they have their advantages (warmth in winter most importantly), I lucked out this year when we picked our rooms for the new house and for once my room is actually going to see the sun. Hello plants! I know my idea of a sun drenched room is optimistic for the Manchester weather, so my visions of the perfectly cosy yet stylish room extend further than a few plants. Here’s the perfect colour-schemed beds, studious desk spaces and innovative decorations that have especially caught my eye this year….

comb6 comb8

For some extra inspiration and photo credits, see this Pinterest board.



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