Winter Skincare Switch Up

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Despite swearing by a handful of drugstore skincare products for over two years, the last few months have seen me switch-up my daily routine multiple times in search of a solution for my grumpy, winter skin. I’ve been moaning about spots and dry skin despite following all the skincare golden rules (drink enough water, get enough sleep, skip the make-up… you know the drill) so I decided it was about time that I turned to some new products. I’m really happy with how this trio of products have been helping me out recently.

Una Brennan

Una Brennan

First up is this pair from Una Brennan. The Daily Brightening Cleanser feels so lovely on the skin, morning and evening, and it contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is known for its hydrating properties. After using a facial scrub for over 2 years, it took me a while to get used to the smooth texture of the Neroli cleanser but I’ve now realised that my skin definitely didn’t need scrubbing with a physical exfoliant on a daily basis. In the mornings I like to follow the cleanser with the Radiance Day Cream, which I picked up for its combination of SPF15 and suitability for dry/ sensitive skin. After a recent skin care consultation with Skin Health Spa (check the post here), the importance of everyday SPF was drummed into me once again and thankfully I’m back into the habit of wearing it, even on the grey-est of winter mornings.


The Body Shop

Last but definitely not least is The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream. This moisturiser has been an absolute saviour for my dry winter skin and I love the instant satisfaction of putting it on. This super thick and creamy formula is definitely best reserved for dry skin users only, although The Body Shop also sell a less intense moisture cream suitable for all skin types. It does take a while to sink in but that doesn’t bother me if I put it on just before bed, especially as it leaves me with super soft skin by morning.

I’ll be sticking with this trio of products for the foreseeable future but I’m always on the look out for any skincare extras and treats. What do you think will compliment my current routine?



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  1. I’ve used Elemis for the past few years, expensive but I really like the results. I need to get better at being more consistent tho

  2. Dannii says:

    My skin has been so dry this winter, especially after being pregnant. I feel need to take care of it more.

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