Zara Sales Haul

Grey seems to be the colour my eyes are drawn to in just about every shop I go into and my wardrobe is a shameful sea of grey. No surprises that the two things I picked up in Zara’s end of season sales where both in my favourite colour. Although, the actual skirt and top that I bought are different to what I would usually pick out- just to keep things interesting!

First find was a knitted grey top. It’s very tight fitting with a high-neck and the heavy weight of the fabric makes it feel a lot more expensive than it was. It does look quite formal but I love it with a high waisted skirt and it also works with both black and blue jeans.

My other find was the most un-me skirt ever but I loved it so much that I couldn’t put it back. It was also £9 so I decided it was worth it even if it sits in my wardrobe for the next few weeks until I figure out how to style it. The skirt is knitted but unlike the top, it is very fine and super lightweight.

With Zara being notorious for not being so great with their sales and discounts, their super cheap prices were impressive but given that it was the end of January when I was shopping, I was surprised at just how much they still had left. Definitely not a good sign…


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  1. […] Maybe I was drawn to this one because it reminds me of a Zara skirt I picked up recently (see the haul here). […]

  2. Thanks for sharing. As they say “Everything happens for a reason” 🙂

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